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Now, you can support a fundraiser, school or charity of your choice by ordering products you already planned to buy!
Millions of products. 100% of profits given to your selected organization. Guaranteed! With Givemart, shopping is giving!


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About Us

The Givemart Dream

The idea of has been a dream of Nathan Nguyen, the organization's founder, after years of volunteering since 2002 to help fundraise for charities, churches, and schools.

The dream was simple. Dreaming of a world where a person's everyday shopping also becomes a way of giving. Dreaming of how charities, churches, and schools can have their supporters and students easily share with their family and friends of this one special place to go shopping on where all the profits of their shopping go back to the charities, churches, and schools that they supported. A dream where fundraising is simple and free. A dream where fundraising is not awkward. A dream where fundraising is 24/7 and continuous. A dream where there is no great community project or idea goes unfunded.

Today, this dream is now a reality thanks to BJ Do and his team at who believed in this dream making that "one special place" real for all of us to benefit from.

How Givemart Works

Givemart has contracted over hundreds of vendors and manufactures along with retailers to offer over 1.8 million products on with products ranging from Apparel, shoes, jewelry, Automotive, tools, industrial products, books, electronics, computers, games, movies, music, health & beauty, home furnishing, garden, living, kids & baby products, Outdoor & sports equipment, and so much more with products added daily.

When anyone shops on, they are to select a benefiting organization to receive the profits of that sale. Our goal is to help any organization in addition to those currently nominated and verified on our site, so we are accepting all nominations to be a part of our growing online fundraising community.

Unlike any traditional marketplace, is a public benefit organization filing for not-for-profit 501(c) 3 status. All of which simply means that 100% of the profits from our sales goes to help charities, churches, and schools. Givemart is created as the solution for charities, churches, and schools to raise money effectively through levering the growth of online retailing and marketing.

Frequently Asked Questions

Why is Givemart a not-for-profit and not just a for-profit that donates the money?

Although while it is true that it's harder operating Givemart as a not-for-profit than it would be if we are a for-profit to deal with much more government regulations, complex procedures, and the need for transparency, we simply just want to do that to ensure that Givemart will always be for the benefit of others and it should only remain open when it is 100% focused on serving others.

How will Givemart support itself and pay for its staff to manage

Givemart is able to support itself financially through being able to retain the marginal difference between our product cost and the negotiated product cost that we have with our vendors and retail partners.

Who can buy on is open to public for anyone to buy. Every order supports the charity, church, and school that you choose at checkout.

How can charities, churches, and schools become nominated and verified to be

We will expand Givemart globally when we have enough resources and currently we can only work with IRS approved charities, churches, and schools that are operating the United States of America. Please contact us by sharing with us about your organization and your interest in having us help you at

How can we be a vendor to or sell on

The success of Givemart is only possible with socially responsible vendors, manufactures, and retailers who would like to join us in our "Shopping is Giving" movement so please contact us at

How will the charities, churches, and schools get their money?

As we are striving to make it easy and fundraising effective for all organizations, we are open to special request to accommodate the funding needs for you. Currently, based on our feedback from various organizations, we can either send out checks monthly, quarterly, or at end of a fundraising campaign period.

How will the customer know that the selected organization received the donation?

Givemart notifies the selected organization of the customer when they are selected at checkout and gets completed. The organization is expected to contact and confirm with the customer thanking them for their selection to receive the donation.

Please help Givemart Improve

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